Sunday, March 15, 2015

third time may be a bust

Dammit. Tried to reach the third mountain today, but once again, there was a military base right next to it, and no public access roads or trails leading to the top—at least, not on the side of the mountain that I walked along (the south side, to be precise).

The mountain itself didn't look all that promising, either; it's obviously not a park the way Namsan is; the foot of the mountain is ringed with all sorts of shops, lots, and storage facilities, all of which have a definite "No Trespassing" vibe to them, and no public road leading up the mountain's slope. If there's an actual hiking trail that goes to the top, I didn't find it today. I might try again with a cabbie next time, but I'm not that hopeful. Something tells me that the mountain's northern flank is just as forbidding as the southern flank.

I did, however, discover a nice, smooth, and fairly short running path that might come in handy for when I start running. So at least there's that.


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