Friday, March 27, 2015

upon a cloud

Ah, sweet mattress bliss.

Here, in photo form, is the story of my bed's transformation from hard pallet to fluffy cloud:

1. The "Before" Photo

Above, we have a photo of my bed as it was when I originally bought it. It hasn't been a bad bed, but it's just been a wee bit too hard for my taste, and that's why I bought the memory-foam mattress pad.

2. The Arrival of the Miracle

The above box was large and bulky but, like the foam pad inside it, remarkably light.

3. A Closer Look

Here's a first look at the mattress pad. This is no mere sponge: this is memory foam. It's covered in its own zippered lining, which I decided not to remove. I might remove it later on, though, because it's a bit slippery on top of the original mattress.

4. My Bed's Pathetically Thin Padding, Before Memory Foam

When my bed first arrived, I asked the delivery guy about whether he was going to get the other mattress out of his truck. He laughed and said the other mattress was for a different customer: this was it. I did my best to hide my astonishment. It really looked as though there were nothing on my bed. To my relief, I discovered there was just enough padding to make the lying-in-bed experience comfortable... but it was only just barely comfortable. In the above photo, you can see how the mattress cover droops down under the level of the wooden frame. That's how much spare material there was, given how thin the bed's original mattress was.

5. Superposé

Above: the new mattress is placed atop the old.

6. Condom Rewrap

My first mattress's elastic-cornered mattress cover sheet was too large and loose; the addition of the foam padding eliminates that problem, filling out the sheet nicely.

7. The "After" Photo

And here is where things now stand. I expect I'll be enjoying a mostly heavenly night's sleep tonight. It's the simple things that make me happy.


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