Friday, April 24, 2015

gaseous vindication

A while back, I wrote about how the purchase of my electric heater was going to drastically reduce my gas bill. "A W25,000 gas bill is entirely conceivable," I said.

This month's bill: W27,540. That's a far cry from W120,000 for gas in Hayang.



John from Daejeon said...

Was the bill for the exact corresponding month/s? March/April usually isn't as cold as Dec./Jan./Feb.

Btw, how's the walking/exercising going these days? Still dropping pant sizes?

Sperwer said...

But how much are you paying for electricity? It's also fantastically expensive in Korea. We installed a solar system, which has paid for itself in short order (also in part due to govt subsidy for the installation), but our bills still are rather large.

Kevin Kim said...


My experience in Hayang was that electricity wasn't that expensive: I had my A/C on all day and all night, and my bill never got above W15,000 for any given warm month. That said, my bill this month was pretty damn high (around $55, US), probably because the space heater sucks up a lot of power. With the warmth coming on, I'm going to be mothballing the heater, so both bills (gas & electric) ought to become more reasonable in late spring and early summer.


Alas, I've put back on a few pounds since moving to Goyang. No excuse for this, but ever since I discovered that the local mountains all have military bases on them, I've lost much of my motivation to walk. It's wrong and inexcusable, I know, but there we are. I need to get off my ass.