Saturday, May 07, 2016


When I got to the doc, I ended up going through several bouts of testing. The most relevant datum for you, Dear Reader, is that I've got bronchial asthma. I've had this same condition several times before, and it's generally gone away on its own after a long, long time—usually a couple weeks. Today, the doc prescribed meds and told me to come back for followup on Tuesday. If there's still a problem, I'm going to receive a funky-looking inhaler (the doc showed it to me, and he demonstrated how to use it) that I'll have to use once a day. Joy.

So—meds and rest for Kevin. My buddy Jang-woong texts that I should "control [my] voice when talking and drink green tea." Probably couldn't hurt.



John Mac said...

Damn. Hope you are better soon.

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks. I've never faced this with prescription meds before, so I hope my recovery will be a lot quicker than 2-3 weeks.