Saturday, May 14, 2016


Today, on the Buddha's Birthday, I rest. I walked a lot this past week, including a day on which I tried out my new walking/running shoes, which ended painfully. (As when I was using my hiking boots during my 600-mile walk in 2008, I often found myself thinking that life would be more pleasant if I were just to cut off my pinky toes.*) So my feet need a rest, and the rest of my body could use a rest, too. I might try an ambitious walk tomorrow. For now, I just want to cough out the last of my stubborn mucus, chill in front of my laptop while watching iTunes movies, and munch on leafy greens, which are an ever-increasing part of my ongoing lifestyle change. Thanks to Abel Magwitch, I've got pork rinds and sugar-free chocolate pudding to ease the misery of low-carbing it... but to be honest, I haven't come back to 100% Atkins yet: I've got some leftover, carby crap that I need to finish off before I can move more fully into Atkins mode. Once that crap is gone, I simply won't buy any more crap.

This week, I also need to begin my creekside stair-climbing in earnest. Perhaps with the change in diet, and with the return of heart-pumping cardio, I might kickstart my weight loss again. We'll see. But for today, that's all academic, as my only plan is just to enjoy a nice, restful Saturday.

*I laced my new shoes too tightly, and as any walker/hiker knows, even a tiny problem with your shoes can be magnified after a couple tens of thousands of steps.


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Bratfink said...

Earth shoes or Crocs. They take care of that little toe problem, which I also experience.