Monday, May 23, 2016

stay tuned for pics

I went to a severed-pig-head ceremony this morning (in Korean, the ceremony, which has shamanistic roots, is called gosa), held to inaugurate the opening of my company's first-ever independent building. The Golden Goose is part publishing house, part hagweon, and the new building, our Songpa branch, is a giant hagweon, eight floors tall with a rooftop garden. All of our other branches, including the one I work in, are located inside large multipurpose buildings. This is the company's first step toward becoming something like the JEI Corporation (Jaeneung Gyoyuk in Korean: 재능교육, a very famous language-education company), which has many independent buildings scattered all over the peninsula.

Expect photos and explanations later tonight.


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Charles said...

Sweet! Looking forward to the pics, along with an in-depth anthropological analysis of the ceremony.