Thursday, September 01, 2016

a tale of two menus


The sushiya in our office building's basement has rearranged its menu and raised its prices. The place started up only a couple of months ago; it quickly became popular, and I imagine that the two guys running the resto realized they were losing money, especially given the decent quality of their output. (True: I'm no fit judge of the excellence of Japanese food. I can only go on instinct; I've had shitty Korean-style Japanese food before, and this isn't it.)

The jump in prices is saddening, but that's capitalism: what the market will bear. Will I continue to patronize this place despite the rise in cost? Hell, yes. I, as one pixel in the market, can bear this amount of inflation, but I'm not sure how much more I'd be able to tolerate. For what it's worth, you'll note (if you read hangeul) that the sashimi prices have remained the same. Note, too, that beef is now part of the menu (sogogi chobap).

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