Monday, September 12, 2016


Twitter and my ass are both alive with quake activity rippling up and down the Korean peninsula. Not two minutes ago, I felt a slight vibration and experienced the very gentle shaking of my office building. The Korean peninsula sits just outside of some major fault lines as well as the Ring of Fire that girds most of the Pacific, so major quake activity is fairly rare here, unlike in Japan, which suffers more than a hundred earthquakes a year (thus making most Japanese as blasé as Californians when it comes to quakes).

The Sino-Korean term jijin (지진, 地震) means "earthquake." It comes from two characters: ji (地), which means "ground" or "earth," and jin, (震), which means "shake" or "vibrate."

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John from Daejeon said...

Was it an earthquake or the lil' dud to the north poppin' off another tsar bomba nuke?

Well, I'm off to a 1980s' mall thanks to the X-Men Ladies. It's pretty sad that the best part of this cruddy movie didn't make it off the cutting room floor.