Friday, September 30, 2016

October 4, at Longwood

My buddy Mike is a proud graduate of Longwood University. Back in his day, the university was still called Longwood College, and if I remember correctly, there had been talk of renaming it Farmville University, given its location in the rustically denominated Farmville, Virginia. I imagine that a committee got together and concluded that the initials "F.U." would not have been good for marketing, but that the name "Longwood" connoted immense sexual potency, which would be awesome for marketing. So after what was likely a nice cash windfall (yay, alumni?), the college became a university, and it will now gain a measure of cachet as the site for the October 4 vice-presidential debate this election cycle. Meanwhile, Trump and Hillary, like two 400-pound sumo wrestlers who moonlight as basement DNC-file hackers, will slam bellies again on October 9 and October 19, at Washington University (St. Louis, Missouri) and the University of Nevada, respectively.


The Maximum Leader said...

It certainly was "College" back in my day. There was talk then, as you point out, of changing the name. The only serious consideration was "Longwood University." Many students, myself included - on a lark, did float the idea of it becoming "Farmville University" or "F.U.". There were even "F.U. - Undefeated" t-shirts that sprang up. (They promoted a nonexistent football team.) There were other knick-knack things with the "F.U." branding. But that was quickly dismissed by any serious person. It was, however, fun while it lasted.

I think that "Longwood" is a pretty good sounding name. The "College" or "University" is sort of extraneous in most cases. I am proud of my alma mater hosting the VP debate. I am concerned at the costs (of about $5.5 million is the number I've seen). But the event seems to be setting up well. I look forward to seeing the debate on Monday night.

People have asked if I was going to attend, but I am not. I didn't want to try to call in any favors that I might still be owed on this. And though I'd much rather vote for either VP choice above their running mate, I am still mostly sitting on the sidelines of this Presidential election.

Kevin Kim said...


Thanks for your comment. I stand corrected as to the FU myth!