Wednesday, June 19, 2019

"Crump Grades Trump"

Young Chandler Crump is on fire. He's also an unapologetic cheerleader for President Trump, which means either you love Crump or you hate him.* His latest video, embedded below, is a commentary on Trump's speech at his Florida rally, kicking off his reelection campaign. Crump covers pretty much every aspect of what the president said, and while I'm not quite the cheerleader that Crump is, I appreciate his commentary and am beginning to think I like him better than Jon Miller, who also makes good points most of the time but needs to tone things down a few notches. Here's Chandler:

*We don't want to commit the fallacy of the excluded middle, so let's acknowledge that there are probably people who are "meh" about Chandler as well.

NB: I'm pressed for time, these days, so I listen to Chandler on YouTube at 1.5X speed. If you think Chandler talks too fast (and some well-meaning commenters have indeed complained about this), you can slow him down by adjusting the video's speed to 0.75X. Click on the "gear" icon (for "Settings"), click on "Playback Speed," then select "0.75." (A coworker of mine listens to everything on YouTube at 2X speed. That's insane, and it'd make my blood pressure shoot through the roof.)

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