Sunday, June 16, 2019

the Hong Kong protests

I wonder how many Hong Kong residents are pining for the days of British rule, back when things like civil rights actually mattered. Unless you've been trapped inside a flerken's pocket dimension, you know that, in Hong Kong, there's been an ongoing protest of over a million Chinese who are incensed that the mainland-Chinese government wants Hong Kong to pass a law (proposed in and by Hong Kong, bizarrely enough) allowing mainland China (and, potentially, other countries) to extradite Hong Kong citizens and fugitives taking refuge in Hong Kong (i.e., any suspected criminals in Hong Kong—as defined by mainland-Chinese law, not Hong Kong law*). China Uncensored, which has become my go-to YouTube channel for China-related news, has been on the case. The CU crew is currently in Hong Kong, live-vlogging. Here are some videos they made before they went overseas:

*Hong Kong passed from British rule to Chinese rule in 1997, but it is still considered a "special administrative region" despite also being considered fully Chinese.

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