Friday, June 21, 2019

prorogation and Brexit

TLDR News continues to be informative on matters of UK politics. The key term: progrogation (to prorogue), i.e., the suspension of parliamentary activity via temporary recess. The relevance to Brexit is that the next British prime minister might immediately prorogue Parliament until after the October 31 Brexit deadline. Parliament would then reconvene after the time had passed for the legislative body to be able to do anything. This means a "hard Brexit," also called a "no-deal Brexit," in which the UK simply breaks off from the EU without making any sort of financial or legal arrangement.

At this point, I'm almost as exasperated as the British people—the pro-Brexit ones, anyway—and I'd be happy to see a hard Brexit go through. In the comments to these videos, I see dire warnings coming from the Remainer crowd, but these people are no different from the fearful part of your brain that gibbers right before you take an exhilarating dive off a cliff into beautiful, clear water. Don't listen to the fearmongers, O Britain! No matter which way you turn, there will always be painful consequences and screeching twats saying We told you so! The pain will pass; the situation will stabilize; Britain will emerge stronger and no longer yoked to a soul-draining agreement with a Continent gone mad. A hard Brexit would be the chance for Great Britain to re-forge alliances with countries it can profit from via trade: the USA, anti-socialist Eastern European countries, and God-knows-how-many other states that would consider it an honor to enter into agreements and alliances with the UK.

Just do it. And Happy Halloween in advance.

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