Saturday, June 29, 2019

interesting take on the Dem debate: Jon Miller and Ami Horowitz

I didn't realize that Ami Horowitz, known for the investigative journalism he's done for the alt-media (e.g., no-go zones in Stockholm), used to be a 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful. He's always seemed pretty cozy with the right, so I guess I mistakenly took him for a rightie. Is he? Isn't he? I'll have to do some digging. But that's neither here nor there: the following video gives us a post-Dem-debate exchange between Jon Miller and Horowitz. Interestingly, much of the video is less a postmortem about how the hopefuls performed and more an exploration of counterfactuals as to how Horowitz would have responded to the (softball) questions posed to the debaters had he been part of the debate. Fascinating.

ADDENDUM: Wikipedia says Horowitz is indeed a conservative. Horowitz did, in fact, declare he was running for president as a Democrat, but it was because he felt the actual Democrats' ideas were all crazy, so it's doubtful this was ever meant as a serious campaign.

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