Sunday, June 30, 2019

much-belated realization

There's a scene in Peter Jackson's "The Return of the King" in which our heroes, and their armies, confront a whole division of painted, muscular, oliphaunt-mounted marauders who use blaring horns and strident war chants to intimidate the enemy, maintain morale, and sustain focus and energy. It only just now occurred to me that the war chant was a grandiose version of a Maori haka. Makes sense, given that Peter Jackson's a Kiwi, and his trilogy was mostly filmed in New Zealand. Besides, hakas are always impressive.

I've slapped this up before, but here's Jason Momoa leading a haka as part of an "Aquaman" promo (in the back row, looking tiny compared to Momoa, is a bald Temuera Morrison):

Less festive but more touching is this clip of a tribute to Anthony Foley, a fallen rugby player:

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