Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Jon Miller with an excellent rant about the Google thing

If you're in tune with the alt-media complex, then you know all about the Google scandal that erupted a few days ago, partly thanks to Project Veritas, the investigative-journalist effort headed by James O'Keefe. Veritas has revealed hidden-camera footage of highly placed Google employees who openly admit they are actively doing what they can to make sure Donald Trump loses his 2020 reelection bid. Jon Miller has some choice words for these people, who think they can usurp democracy and directly grasp the electoral levers of power.

Whenever the left accuses the right of something—violence, racism, election-meddling, etc.—you can bet that's because the left is projecting. It's the man who farts in the elevator who shouts, "Who the hell farted?!"

TRIVIA: Google's old motto, Don't Be Evil, was removed from public view in 2015 in favor of Do the Right Thing. The old motto was still seen on Google's private code of conduct until it was finally, quietly dropped in 2018. Source.

ADDENDUM: more on the scandal here.


Anne in Rockwall, TX said...

This is the first I have heard of this.


Kevin Kim said...


Pretty horrible. There have been articles like this floating around for at least a year, maybe longer, and the bad news points to a deep level of corruption in Korean society. Korea really ought to clean up its act—if for no other reason than to present a friendlier image to the world—but when the police themselves are in on the dirty action, that's a hard thing to do. What a shame.