Tuesday, December 01, 2020


Seen on Instapundit:

“For four years, not a few months, the Democrats and their media allies insisted first that Trump’s election was not legitimate and then that he was a Russian asset. It was abject nonsense, a lie. It was a hysterical and long-lasting undermining of our democracy. Now these same clowns, these buffoons, are lecturing us about accepting the results.”

I don't get how these monkeys can say "the election was inviolable!" with a straight face.  They tried that shit in 2016 when Trump said he might contest the election results if Hillary Clinton won.  Remember that?  Remember how the left exploded and said—as they're saying now, "The election is inviolable!"?  And remember how, after Trump won, that battle cry instantly and hilariously changed into "RUSSIA!"?

But the left doesn't give a damn if it's inconsistent and hypocritical.  That's why there's little point in arguing with most lefties.

A Democrat timeline:
October 2016:  Ironclad election!  Accept the results!
November 2016:  Russian interference!  We reject the results!
November 2020:  Ironclad election!  Accept the results!

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John Mac said...

I think I finally figured out why my neck has been so sore lately. I'm constantly shaking my head in disgust. The hypocrisy of the left is astounding.