Tuesday, December 15, 2020

nip-shatteringly cold

It's 18 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now (-7.8 Celsius), and the wind chill makes it feel like 12 degrees (-11.1 Celsius).  That's cold for us Virginians.

I guess winter is finally here, and tonight is a walking night for me.  Can't say as I'm looking forward to being out on the windy south bank of the Han River, but my walk takes me to Jamshil Bridge and back, so I have no choice but to get out there and hoof it.  I've got my regular face mask plus my winter face mask to keep my face warm; I've got a knitted cap plus my windbreaker's hood to keep my skull from freezing; I've got my coat and my windbreaker to keep my torso from icing up.  My legs aren't protected, though:  I'm wearing the same hiking pants I wore during my walk—the pants with the super-thin fabric that dries quickly after being drenched in a summer rain.  We'll see how well the walk goes, I guess; I kind of miss not having my scarf with me, but I've got one of those foreskin-like neck gaiters, which I hope will be a satisfactory stand-in for my usual scarf.

Here goes nuthin'.


John Mac said...

I used to always wear long underwear (heh, long Johns) on my winter walks there. Ever tried that?

Kevin Kim said...

I've put on my sweat pants before. Might have to do so again! (I don't have long johns, alas.)