Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Tim Pool on how journalists are about to drop the ball

Journalists excoriate Republicans/conservatives and fellate Democrats/leftists.  With the strong probability that Joe Biden will be our president over the next few years (I say "few," not "four," because I'm pretty sure the man is going to croak during his first term), journalists will now return to their slumber after having spent four years screaming like little bitches about Trump-this, Trump-that.  Here's Tim Pool:

This video is significant for what Pool has to say about the Obama administration.  Obama gets roped into Pool's rant because everyone is expecting Joe Biden's presidency to be the continuation of Obama's:  Biden was, after all, the "nostalgia candidate."  Pool reminds us of all the dirty things that happened during the Obama years, with drone strikes coming in for particular abuse.  Pool even labels Obama "psychotic" for his warmongering.  Strong words, but well deserved.  Obama was a terrible president.

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