Friday, December 11, 2020

YouTube continues to slit its own throat

Acting like a repressive dictator is a great way to lose your user base, and YouTube is doing just that by following in the dictatorial footsteps of Facebook and Twitter, banning content that it (very subjectively) deems pernicious and misleading.  Specifically, YouTube is now banning all videos that question the legitimacy of the current election.  Gee—no anti-conservative bias there!  Here's Styx with a rant:

And here's Tim Pool on the same topic:

People are mad, and YouTube doesn't give a fuck.  Will it hemorrhage users?  Some will leave, I think, but other users won't care because they're not just users:  they're the used.  They're fine with being raped by Big Tech, and they live their lives in a bent-over, submissive, please-do-me-from-behind position.  I left Twitter, Gab, Parler, Facebook, and even LinkedIn because I saw the writing on the wall.  It's high time, I think, to leave YouTube.


  1. Are there other platforms for Styx and Pool? It really is outrageous what YouTube/Google is doing. They had excellent tutors in China I guess.

  2. Styx and Pool are already on multiple platforms. They've both been ranting about the curdling of Big Tech services for a while, now. They post their videos on places like Minds, BitChute, and Daily Motion.



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