Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dare to Wear!

I'm thinking of creating a "Dare to Wear" CafePress line-- clothes with designs you might want to think twice about wearing in public!

Yes, I know: "It's marketing DEATH!" you say, and I can't argue with you. After all, how many people actually have the courage to wear something that can cause a stir? It'd be like wearing a "FREE TIBET!" tee shirt in the middle of Beijing! Just-- too-- much for the locals!

Right now, I have only two ideas:

1. A ladies' tee shirt that says: "My other ride is a '69 PENIS!"

2. A ladies' baseball cap that reads: "Already Given." (I wonder how many will immediately get that joke.)

I'd still like to do some thongs as well, but these won't be Dare to Wear unless the women who wear them are more extroverted than the norm. Thongs will feature the following slogans:

1. Vacancy

2. Does it ALWAYS take you this long to find it?

3. Coming Soon!

4. Scratch n' Sniff

5. Watch yer HEAD.

6. Don't be afraid of the friendly tentacle.

7. Now Starting Final Approach!

8. Thank God! I couldn't BREATHE in here!

9. Behold! The Almighty Sarlaac!

10. Safety Deposit Box

11. Pit of Despair

12. Don't Mind the Fangs.

13. Pardon Our Dust While We Renovate.

14. You'll have to pull out Jimmy Hoffa's head first.

15. Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here.

16. Fill 'er up.

17. Insert 50 cents for porn.

18. Pull string to inflate.

19. O'Dumi

20. Phuoc Mi Long

There are some very clever naughty designs already on sale at CafePress. Go take a look.


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