Thursday, December 07, 2006

so many social engagements... so little time

Did you catch the movie reference in this post's title?

Today saw only two social engagements for yours truly: a lunchtime farewell party for my coworker Zzz, and a trip to the local budongsan (real estate) office with my buddy T to help him find a new place to live. T is likely to sign a contract with Smoo; if he does, he'll start with us in March. We've been buddies since 1994, and went through the shit together at our very first job in Chongno, at a hagwon I shall not name (it's no longer there... apparently, it moved). Both of us sued our fuckhead of a boss; my Korean buddy JW was also around at the time, and he helped me out with my suit (T had help from his then-girlfriend). Hard times all around.

If this works out, it'll be great fun to work with T again. We haven't done that since the 90s, and haven't lived in the same neighborhood since that time, either. If he moves into the same neighborhood... one of us will have to buy a big-screen TV, get an XBox, and purchase Halo. Talk about regressing to adolescence...


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