Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This blog's readership has risen about 40% from last December, which is great news for my parents, because that means I can advertise their wonderful rum cake to even more of you good folks this year:

If you're in the States, the cake costs $20; it's standard bundt size, and very heavy thanks to the butter/rum mixture that infuses it. There's a $10 charge for shipping and handling; Dad notes this with regret, but it has everything to do with fuel prices.

Interested? Send an email to my father at:

He'll treat you right.

The cakes come in at least three varieties: regular (pictured above), pineapple, and chocolate. All are delicious. My two faves are regular and chocolate, but pineapple's plenty good, too.

I don't know whether deliveries to Korea are possible. If you're in Korea and hungry for some rum cake, please shoot my folks an email and see what can be done. I do know that a rum cake-- largely thanks to the alcohol content-- can last a long time in storage, so at a guess, I'd say you could order a cake for overseas delivery. However, I'd also expect that the shipping/handling charge would be correspondingly more expensive because of the distances involved.

Kevin of Incestuous Amplification and Charlie of Budae Chigae have both ordered cakes before; Kevin's review was "BOMBTITS!", and Charlie... well, Charlie's ordering another cake this year! (Thanks, man.)

Definitely spread the word. Dad's retired, looking for stuff to do, and he's turned out to be an excellent baker.



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