Thursday, December 07, 2006

I never promised you a rose garden

...but I did promise you a progress bar to let you know how the book was coming along. This will be featured and updated on my Water from a Skull FAQ site:

As I mentioned earlier, the manuscript-- which is easily 90% of the work-- is done, barring perhaps an extra essay or three to toss in. On the progress thermometer, I've listed the chapters merely as "A," "B," and so on, because I'll be dealing with them out of numerical order. To avoid filling in the thermometer in a haphazard way, then, I'm designating the chapters by letters. In other words, Chapter A might refer to Chapter 1; Chapter B might, in reality, be Chapter 5 (in fact, that's what I'm working on now), Chapter C might be Chapter 2, and so on.

On December 15-- probably a bit before midnight, Seoul time-- the book will be online at CafePress and ready for purchase. As my FAQ mentions, CafePress has a 30-day return policy, so your satisfaction is guaranteed. I'm hopeful that readers will like the book, talk about it with friends, and spread the word. As I told my mother, this isn't a book of dirty humor, so she can feel free to pitch it to her friends and coworkers. The same goes for you: the book's target audience is people who (1) are interested in religious questions and (2) have done some reading in that area.

Spread zee vord!


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