Friday, December 08, 2006

destination: Le Cordon Bleu

I'm off to an 11:00am graduation ceremony at Le Cordon Bleu. I'm going at the invitation of my Level 1 conversation student, Jean-Pierre, on the assumption that there will be something to eat. Check this spot later for an update.


It seems that when Jean-Pierre invited me to show up at 11:00, he was inviting me straight to the feast. The graduation ceremony was at 10 o'clock.

Check out these pics! Hover your cursor over the image to read the caption.

A note about the above pic: at about 1 o'clock on my plate, you see a puff pastry. Inside that pastry was a delightful treasure: escargots! If you're into snails, as I am, you'll love that pastry.

Trivia: Chef Laurent, on the left, is the guy who gave the cheese demonstration.

An hour well spent.

Many thanks to my brother David for the GIF of Fat Bastard.


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