Wednesday, December 20, 2006

postal scrotum: a Richardson and Charles two-fer

Regarding my FedEx/Customs woes, Richardson offers the following:

I suggest research to find some culpable Korean customs official, and then some variant of this prank:


...which is a hilarious prank, by the way. Richardson also points to a followup on Shatnerian overactor Brian Atene:

Brian Atene Returns—for Real

Charles actually emailed me first on this:

Ask and ye shall receive: LINK

The first 1:40 is a bit weird, as he just sits there and makes faces as the audio of his original tape plays in the background. In the rest he does some over-acting and shilling for the Christopher Reeve website (watch it and you'll see). Pretty funny stuff, actually.

Those of us who like acting, bad though we may be, are attention whores, when it comes down to it. It's horrible when you're a bad actor, because you want to be liked, but you offer little that's likable to your audience. That's why something like the William Hung phenomenon is such a flash in the pan: lameness can take you only so far.

Thank you, gentlemen, for your links.


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