Sunday, December 24, 2006

evening mass for the massive

I've rethought plans to visit relatives and will instead be attending a mass at a local Catholic church this evening at 10:00pm. My buddy JW will be singing in the choir (I don't remember whether his wife is in the choir as well).

This afternoon, I'll be prepping my taco ingredients and, possibly, hunting for eggnog ingredients. I've bought myself another Stollen from the local bakery; having tried one several days ago, I can vouch that it's quite, quite good. I had a photo of the first Stollen on file, but I seem to have accidentally deleted it along with photos of the chaos surrounding my bed during the first week of December.

What chaos? you ask. I was, at the time, piling religion books on my bed for instant reference during my book-finalization bonanza. One positive outcome of that behavior was the long-awaited reorganization of my bookshelves, which for the past twenty months have been completely disorganized. Now, all my religion books sit together on the shelves above my computer, a testament to how few of them I brought with me from the States.

To all the people to whom I haven't yet personally wished a Merry Christmas-- Merry Christmas. I doubt I'll be blogging tomorrow... though you never know.


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