Wednesday, June 13, 2012

muni de mon passeport

I've received my updated passport. Alas, the window of opportunity for SKKU has come and gone. But there may be other opportunities on the horizon; we'll see.

This new passport seems smaller somehow-- stiffer, less well-traveled than its predecessor. Un-stamped. Virginal. But the updated photo of me is brighter, less murky than the sinister image in the previous passport; funnily enough, I still look drunk in it.

The overall impression I get from this new, fresh-smelling passport is one of coiled eagerness: this document is going places, like a dog that's running impatiently ahead, tugging hard on the leash, ready to explore, to fill its head with delightful experiences.

What's that up there? Let's go see!

The future beckons.


1 comment:

hahnak said...

LOVE this post, kevin! (i thought of a cobra when you said "coiled" but an eager dog is a bit more optimistic)

very happy to have read this post.