Thursday, June 07, 2012


I hadn't realized Ray Bradbury was still alive, but it appears he has just passed away. I didn't grow up on a diet of Bradbury; my only real experience of his works boils down to required readings of Fahrenheit 451 and Dandelion Wine, the latter of which I couldn't stand, despite having been-- as I still am today-- a voracious reader. Two worthy tributes to Bradbury from my own blog newsfeed can be found here and here.



Charles said...

Goodbye, Ray. Thanks for the memories.

He definitely had some ardent fans:

(Warning: NSFW)

John from Daejeon said...

You must have been living under a rock that last couple of years to have missed this. NSFW

Mr. Bradbury had a pretty cool response to his pretty, if somewhat vulgar, fan's video.

Kevin Kim said...


I guess I was, in a sense, living under a rock these past few years.

Instapundit just linked to that video, too, I see. Lots of us under rocks.

Bratfink said...

My first taste of Bradbury was 'The Martian Chronicles.' I was hooked from then on.


Charles said...

Beat John to the punch by six minutes. Heh.

Aaron said...

I was just telling my wife this morning about my idea for a new TV game show. It'll be called "Dead or Not?" The host will read off a name - say, Ray Bradbury - and contestants have to decide whether that person is still alive or not.

This idea came to me when my wife asked if Fred Rogers ("Mr. Rogers") was still alive and I honestly couldn't remember, but yes, I also had the same thought about Ray Bradbury.

Kevin Kim said...


Dead or Alive?

Aaron said...

Damn. That just proves that there really are no original thoughts - or, if there are, I never have them.