Monday, January 19, 2015

final day in Yeosu

Monday: my last full day in Yeosu. Casting off for Seoul tomorrow morning.

I have a ton of photos from Saturday night's walk up the local mountain, Dolsan. If I have time this evening, I might slap some or all of those photos on the blog, but it's more likely that you, Dear Reader, will have to wait until I'm back from Seoul before that happens.

Today's agenda is at least fourfold:

1. Walk from my yeogwan to Cheonnam National University's main campus.
2. Walk from the main campus to the beach—any beach. (Beaches are actually harder to find here than I'd originally thought: Yeosu's coast is industrial and rather built-up, with very little open sand in sight.)
3. Walk across both bridges connecting Udu-ri (where Dolsan is located) to the mainland.
4. Eat dinner at Gorae-shil, the restaurant owned and run by the sister-in-law of my boss at the Golden Goose.

I tried texting my cabbie, Mr. Bang, about meeting up for dinner tonight, but there's been no response, so it appears I'll be eating alone, unless I hear from him later in the day.

So right now, I'm staring at an image of Yeosu on Google Maps, trying to plan out my walking route. I want to leave around lunchtime and be back in my neighborhood around 6PM or so for dinner. After all that walking, I ought to be plenty hungry by then.

And that's really it for my little vacation-within-a-vacation at Yeosu. I'm still charmed by this town—more of a small city, really—and its slow pace of life. I could do without the obnoxious southern accent, but a year in Daegu got me used to hearing and at least halfway understanding what the locals are saying.


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