Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Just popping in very quickly to say "hi" and "bye," as I'll be on the road tomorrow. Prepping tonight and shoving off with the 10 o'clock Seoul train in the morning. Seeing a student in Daegu, staying overnight there, then hitting Yeosu the following day and staying at the beach until next Tuesday. My boss at the Golden Goose, who owns property in Yeosu, also has many in-laws there, one of whom apparently owns and runs a nice seafood restaurant to which he's going to give me the phone number. Much chowing to ensue, I'm sure. Many molluscs died to bring us this information.

UPDATE: My student just canceled on me: her nonagenarian grandma's sick. If I can't change my train ticket to a straight shot to Yeosu tomorrow morning, I'm going to be stuck spending the night in Daegu with no one to see.



SJHoneywell said...

Regarding the molluscs, in the words of an old pescetarian friend of mine, meat is murder but fish is justifiable homicide.

Kevin Kim said...

The mariscos tremble.

Charles said...

Have a good trip, man. Hope you don't get stuck with nothing to do in Daegu.