Thursday, January 15, 2015

in Daegu

So I got to Daegu and am now blogging from my grungy, W25,000-a-night yeogwan, which luckily has a very fast Internet connection. Am going to step out for a late lunch; I have little to do in this city but wait for tomorrow, so I thought I'd entertain myself. Since my student canceled her meet-up with me, I now need to mail her her birthday gift, so I suppose I'll go looking for a post office. My yeogwan is about as downtown as you can get: it's only a few minutes' walk from the train station and close to a subway stop, so there ought to be a post office close by. After lunch and the post office, I'll trundle across town to Yulha Station, where there's a Lotte Cinema attached to the station proper. "American Sniper" has come to Korea, so I may as well watch that this evening, then catch a late dinner afterward. The Yulha neighborhood has no shortage of restaurants, so I won't starve. I also packed some clothes that were still a little damp from yesterday's late washing, so I'm letting those items hang dry right now. To sum up my mission objectives for today:

1. Lunch
2. Post office
3. Movie
4. Dinner
5. Let laundry dry

That, folks, is what a vacation schedule should look like. Tootles.


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