Monday, January 05, 2015

scale on the fritz

Your pardon if I don't blog my weight for the next little while: I need to buy a new battery for my bathroom scale, which has chosen today, of all days, to go on the fritz. I've been following the Christian Bale diet for a couple days, now, with no appreciable difference in weight (based on results from before the scale conked out). I weighed myself this morning, and the scale said "114 kg," which I knew to be a bald-faced lie. When I stepped on the scale again, it said "121 kg," and when I stepped on the scale this afternoon, it ran up and down the number line like a musician doing scales before a concert: "77 kg... 95 kg... 82 kg..." —but never anything over 100 kg. So the old battery must go, after barely a year of service. Accurate reports of my weight will resume shortly. In the meantime, veuillez patienter, s'il vous plaît.


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pitchfest said...

Hey Kevin, if you have a smartphone, I recommend you download Ingress. It's a free Google augmented reality game that encourages you to walk around and pinpoint public art and places of interest. It also tracks your distance walked and has a good science fiction plot.