Friday, January 02, 2015

January 1: 15.4K

I walked 15,429 steps yesterday to kick off the new year—just a simple single-summiting plus an extra stroll around the part of my neighborhood that's close to Eulji Street. If I can maintain a daily average of 15K, I'll have beaten my November record of 14,115 steps per day. Oh, and for the record, my December average absolutely sucked: 10,637 steps. Quite the backslide, that, but in my defense I'll say I was mightily busy with year-end activities. Having done this walking program for only half a year (I didn't begin in earnest until July of 2014), I'm going to guess that, if my routines don't change, December will always be my bugbear month. By parity of reasoning, June will also be a bad month because it represents the end of the spring semester.

Kimbap diet journal entry: Survived Day 1. On January 2, my morning weight was 119 kilograms (yes, I'm back up in the 119 doldrums, but I've been stable at this weight for several months: as long as I exercised, I never really gained weight), or 262 pounds. Since this is the annoying weight at which I had plateaued for months, and to which I would return after having temporarily dipped below that level, it'll be interesting to see what effect the kimbap diet will have over the course of January. A single roll of kimbap is about 350 calories; at two rolls of kimbap per day, I'm taking in roughly three times the daily calories that Christian Bale took in during his starvation diet for "The Machinist," so I really don't see any danger of starvation or malnutrition, here. I'm going to grab some multivitamins soon, too.


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