Thursday, July 02, 2015

back in action

I came back from a bank errand and saw the Internet repair guy toiling away at the box on the first floor of our building. "You here for the Internet?" I asked, noting the obvious. "Yes," he replied simply. "Thank you," I said before lumbering down the hall to my studio.

So I'm blogging this from my laptop, which now has its normal (i.e., unblocked) Net connection restored. God is in His heaven and all is right with the world.

Off to Jamshil—and Arnold!—in a few minutes.



SJHoneywell said...

It's funny how quickly we become completley reliant on things that a decade ago would have seemed like science fiction. If our wi-fi goes out, this entire house shuts down.

Kevin Kim said...

I've become more dependent on my Samsung Galaxy than I'd normally care to admit. I often half-jokingly refer to it as God because it has the answers to almost any question I can think of.