Friday, July 31, 2015

my hidden posts are well hidden indeed

I like the system I developed for keeping my "frank" posts away from public scrutiny. The system works so well that, after 24 hours, my latest hidden post has received only four visits, and I'm pretty sure I know who at least three of those people are. Normally, when I post something here and announce the post on Twitter, I get ten or eleven visits right away, and this builds up to maybe 80 or 100-some visits before the post floats out of sight and out of mind. I don't think a single one of my "frank" posts has received over 30 visits. Now that's a filter, Poison Girls!

I'm off to Dongguk's Seoul campus to pick up a letter, and to visit Gwangjang Market to pick up some more US Army-style Metamucil.



daeguowl said...

Am I one of the three or the fourth?

Kevin Kim said...

I'd venture you're now the fifth.