Friday, July 31, 2015

thinking ahead

According to this page, once I move into Daecheong Tower, which is located in the Songpa region of Seoul (Songpa-gu), I'll have to visit the Mokdong Immigration Office to complete my F-4 processing.

I hate Mokdong Immigration.

Some of my very worst encounters with the assiest of the ass-end of Korean bureaucracy have occurred at Mokdong Immigration. There's a dickhead who works there—been there for years—who used to have a gigantic, ugly mole on his cheek until he apparently had it lasered off. That guy is one of the most unpleasant bureaucrats I've ever had to deal with. He was an absolute choad to me during the 1990s, and the motherfucker still works at the same office. He epitomizes and incarnates all that is wrong with Mokdong.

I've already struck up a cordial relationship with the cute ladies at the Goyang City Immigration Office, not too far from where I live. They've already confirmed what documents I'll need to turn in to apply for an F-4 visa. My fear is that, if USCIS drags its feet and doesn't deliver my mother's naturalization document before I move out of Goyang on the 30th of August (and there's a chance I might move out sooner than that), I'll have to turn in my application at Mokdong. Will the freaks at Mokdong say that the same documents are required? Will they add even more strictures, requirements, and other sundry hurdles for me to heed and to jump through, or will they confirm what the nice ladies in Goyang told me?

Well, there's no use worrying, I suppose. My hiring date at the Golden Goose is out of my control, and so is the date on which I'll receive Mom's naturalization document. The timing is crucial to me, but I have no say in how the chips will fall.

Meanwhile, I do need to start thinking about boxing up my stuff. Hired or not, I'm moving out of my studio by the day before my birthday. And August begins tomorrow.


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