Friday, August 26, 2016

Ave, Charles!

Charles, recently back from Scotland, gives us a distilled account of his whisky walk.

(See what I did there?)


Charles said...

Yes, indeed! I boiled my experiences, allowing the essence to rise up, condense against the copper top of the still, and then run down the lyne arm into a worm tub, producing the new make spirit currently on the front page.

Give it ten years or so and it should be much better.

Kevin Kim said...

Ten years, eh? I'll be 57. Since I'm not planning on living beyond 60, I'll have to be quick about sampling your aged prose. Can't wait.

Charles said...

It'll be worth the wait.

And why only 60? Aim high, man! I'm shooting for a hundred myself. I figure even if I fall short (which I no doubt will), I'll get a good run out of it.

But if you're interested in trying some really good whisky, as opposed to prose, before you die, let me know.