Thursday, August 04, 2016

enforced rest

Yesterday's megawalk was brutal, and my left foot has been killing me all day today. I want—need—to be in shape for a long walk tomorrow,* so instead of tackling the building staircase three times tonight, I'm just going to put my dogs up and give them a breather. With luck, things will be better tomorrow.

The Friday-evening long walk won't be a megawalk: I plan to do only the first fourteen creekside staircases, then turn around and shuffle on home. Those are the most difficult stairs to do: after #14, the staircases shrink radically in size, thereby providing very little aerobic benefit. With the weather as hot and humid as it is, I'll still get in a good, sweaty workout tomorrow, even if I'm walking less than half the distance of a regular megawalk.

So tonight, I'll finish up Season 6 of "Game of Thrones," then get back to my rereading of the novels. I really ought to write something about "Thrones" (and I've long planned to do so), but my brain doesn't seem to be engaging my fingers.

*I freely admit I'm gaming the system. I'm going to see the doc on Saturday, and I know that, once I start talking to him about my recent vertigo, he's going to want to run a battery of tests: blood pressure, blood sugar, urine glucose (Korean docs have an unhealthy fixation on urine glucose), and God knows what else. There might even be X-rays involved. Anyway, I'm doing what I can to keep my numbers down; this includes exercise—which I've been pretty good about—and diet, which I haven't been so good about. I've tried to behave this week, and I'll be fasting tomorrow before going on my longish non-megawalk. I just don't want to hear a lot of bad news, is all, but then again, if bad news is coming my way, I suppose it's better to hear it than not to hear it.

ADDENDUM: I know one number: my resting heart rate is 75 beats per minute, which isn't bad. That number does tend to go up in the doctor's office, probably because of unconscious stress. But right now, the rate is looking good.

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