Wednesday, December 25, 2019

family wholesomeness

The Ducoulombier family sends me a lovely Yuletide family pic in which they also show off the humble gifts* that I Amazoned them:

Tim, center, seems to have grown like a weed since I last saw him. He's turned into a little version of the already-little Ben Shapiro. Joséphine (eldest daughter), a natural blonde, appears to be rockin' a brunette look for now. Everyone looks happy and healthy and cheerful. You can always count on the Ducoulombier family for beautiful family pics. Not a bad image for the end of the year!

*In case you're wondering what the gifts are: Tim is holding a large box that contains a game called "Mâche-Mots," i.e., "Chew Words," in which players actually do the opposite of chewing because their mouths are held open by a device called a mouth prop or a mouth guard. This is the French version of the game "Watch Ya' Mouth," which is itself one of several types of mouth-prop games. Héloïse, meanwhile, is holding up a surprisingly tiny calendar of "365 trucs inutiles à savoir," i.e., "365 things that are useless to know." I thought the calendar would be bigger, frankly. These were just meant to be some family gifts; I know everyone in that household likes to play board games (they have an armoire stacked high with them, and I played a few games while I was there), so the mouth-prop gift seemed apropos. The calendar, meanwhile, goes well with the family's collective sense of humor; they're a jokey bunch.

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