Sunday, July 11, 2010

done with Phase 2a; moving on to Phase 2b

The bookshelves took me longer to build than I anticipated, but that's because of my sloth-like pace, not because I had any trouble figuring out how to assemble them. Ten new bookshelves... and I have a sneaking suspicion I'll need to buy even more.

What I'm calling "Phase 2a" was the bookshelf assembly. Phase 2b involves putting all the books-- mine, Dad's, and my brothers'-- on the shelves. Phase 2c, which won't happen for another day or so, will involve inspecting the shelved books and organizing them. As much as I'd like to get them organized before slapping them on the shelves, my brain won't allow me to: I need to see the books on full display in order to understand how they need to be rearranged.

Once all that is done, I'll move on to the all-important Phase 3 of this home project: organizing and shelving all the utility room items that are currently on the floor. Paint cans, power tools, toolkits, camping equipment, etc.: you name it, and it needs to be stuck on a shelf. Here, too, Phase 3 will need to be divided into stages: Phase 3a will be the shelving, and Phase 3b will be the rearranging/reorganizing. There might be a Phase 3c, too, because I've noticed quite a few items that look as though they belong up in the attic. We're not done with our attic-stuffing, not by a long shot.

Beyond all that, we've still got to clean out the dining room, organize Dad's computer room, and organize his bedroom. Dad will be doing most of that himself: we still have to deal with a ton of Mom's clothing, and will probably want to box up her jewelry in a tasteful manner. Dad wants to do this part of the project without anyone else's help.

Lots to occupy me for the next little while.


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