Thursday, July 15, 2010

the Great De-furring

I've spent a good part of today getting rid of traces of my brother Sean's chihuahua, Maqz. Maqz is a great dog, but he also leaves fur on just about every surface: the upper and lower floors, the couches, the beds, the rugs, etc. I had been planning to de-fur the house for a while, and today was finally my day to do the dirty deed. I broke out my new Swiffer, kept our small shop vac at the ready, and went to work. The upstairs is now about as furless as I can make it; the downstairs, however, still needs a full and thorough vacuuming, but that won't happen for a while: I'm still de-boxing and re-shelving books, a process that requires substantial floor space.

After all my efforts, I seem to have collected enough fur to create a second dog. I'll refrain from fashioning a Maqz 2.0, though, in favor of just tossing the giant hairball out with the garbage.


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Maven said...

Believe it or not, in some circles in the knitting/crochet/spinning hobbyist world, some folks actually collect the fur of their dogs, card it, then spin it into a workable yarn. It's called (wait for it): "chien-gora."

Just thought you'd chuckle at the thought.