Friday, July 16, 2010

on the rarity (?) of laundromats in Korea

Reader and friend Hahna has asked me to comment on the presence or absence of laundromats in South Korea:

oh, totally random but mil said shes never heard of nor has she seen any laundromats in korea. [i took her to one the other day to do our blankets and linens] they must be awfully rare. i googled this and they do seem to be very rare. could you talk about what the laundry situation is like in korea? i simply cannot imagine living in a world without laundromats.

From what I saw, after living in Seoul for eight years, laundromats abound in the city. As is true in France and Switzerland, they go by different names (laverie, lavanderie, blanchisserie, etc.): you'll see signs saying saetak or bballae. And speaking only for Seoul, I'd note that most laundromats are tucked away from the main drag. Sookmyung's neighborhoods have their share of places that wash, repair, and dry-clean clothing, and I suspect the same goes for any campus neighborhood in Seoul. Because laundromats in Seoul aren't immediately visible, your mother-in-law probably never sees them. Trust me, though: they do exist.

The stereotype of the Asian laundromat in America is a topic worthy of its own post, but for now, I'll just leave you with this hilarious vintage YouTube clip.

And if that's not enough, here's Dog Attacks Shark.


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