Friday, July 09, 2010

End of line.

I saw "Tron" for the very first time this past Tuesday, in the early morning hours before I drove my father to the airport. Quite a revelation. More on this later.


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hahnak said...

hi, dropping by again. mil will be back in korea in exactly one week. whew.

i am looking forward to reading about tron! i QUITE enjoyed myself when i saw it on the big screen a couple years ago in lost angeles. (i had watched it many many times as a kid though.) parts were def very dated but it held up well, i think!

i see also that youre quite busy with a lot of projects! i hope to be knee deep in projects myself soon enough.

kevin fighting!

(oh, totally random but mil said shes never heard of nor has she seen any laundromats in korea. [i took her to one the other day to do our blankets and linens] they must be awfully rare. i googled this and they do seem to be very rare. could you talk about what the laundry situation is like in korea? i simply cannot imagine living in a world without laundromats.)