Saturday, July 03, 2010

a quiet, fraternal Fourth

My father's been invited to fête the Fourth with a friend, so he won't be here on Sunday. My buddy Mike has announced that he'll be out with his family at his in-laws' place, so that pretty much leaves me and my two brothers to do our own thing here at the homestead. To that end, my brother David wants to spend time at a local park, and I want to do some home grilling, so we'll be dividing our day up between the two activities. On the menu:

Pork short ribs
Bone-in chicken breasticles
Gigantic salmon fillet
Hot dogs
Cole slaw
Macaroni and cheese

I'm still working on what dessert will be. Probably chocolate-covered brownies with a raspberry mousse.

UPDATE, 7:01PM: David now tells me that he's going to have to work on the evening of the 4th (along with his 9-to-5 job, he's also a bartender). Joy. Well, if it's just going to be me and my brother Sean... who knows? I might do all the grilling, anyway, then have a pile of leftovers to last us the week.


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