Friday, November 05, 2010

and where is the Kiwi?

I was kind of expecting my En-Zed buddy John Williamson, who runs his own language school in New Zealand, to pop into the previous post's comment thread and yell, "DON'T DO IT!" --but so far, nada. He's probably too busy to have any time to spare.


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John said...

mThey were the hardest years of my life and we came within an ace of closing several times. I think for you being an independent contractor is the easiest way to make money - or ever setting yourself up as a part time educational agent by exploiting some of your contacts in Korea would be good. We pay a 20% commission on enrolments form overseas. Some agents can walk away with 3-4000 for nothing more than a few phone calls. Anyway I WILL do more blogging (than will be another New Year's resolution)