Monday, November 08, 2010

follow along

Tonight, in less than an hour, I'll be live-tweeting "The Next Iron Chef." It's a crucial episode, since we'll be losing two chefs tonight. Tweets are only a maximum of 140 characters, so there won't be room for extended commentary.

The final five chefs, for those who haven't kept track: Chef Tsai, Chef Canora, Chef Tio, Chef Forgione, and Chef Caswell. My opinion of Chef Canora has shifted somewhat as I've seen him talk smack about his co-competitors, but he and the other four chefs are all likable folks, as well as very solid cooks. Chef Tsai proved, last week, that he's got what it takes to be on top twice, and we're far enough along that I might even go so far as to say that he could win this thing.

I'm curious as to whether the episode after this one will also be a double elimination. If it is, then we'll see who wins next week. If not, we've got two episodes to go.

So-- see you on my Twitter page at 9PM, US east coast time. For those of you in South Korea: we just had a time change, so we're now 14 hours behind you instead of 13.


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