Monday, November 15, 2010

a possible purchase

This looks to be a nice TV. I'm not quite ready to purchase it right now, but might be getting it sometime in the next few weeks. reviews are favorable, but Costco is selling it for a lot less than the price.



hahnak said...

i would DEF get it at costco.

Kevin Kim said...

Enlightening comparisons! I'm interested in the 46-inch model (#46LD550), though, partly because it's cheaper, at $749.99.

Kevin Kim said...

Or did I miss your point? I do that a lot. Were you making a more general point about Costco versus Amazon, regardless of TV model?

hahnak said...

ugh i selected the wrong tv when i ran my initial search. i believe this is the correct one:

i was making no point about costco vs amazon. cheap is cheap and it seems that in the case of this particular tv, costco beats over a years worth of up and downs from amazon, and they beat it by over $100.

i guess i do believe, though, that costco purchasers are very aggressive and tend to get great exclusives and their prices beat amazon often.

i like the camel3x site. i hope it sticks around a while. pretty useful.

John from Daejeon said...

You might want to look at for the latest and best prices around.

It looks like Black Friday will have quite a few good ones and my wait in line last year at Sam's Club was well worth it, especially as most people didn't bother to go there. Walmart is having some unbeatable TV deals, but the crowds will be enormous at its stores.