Tuesday, November 16, 2010

posting while sleeping

This post has appeared at 3AM. I'm actually asleep. So I guess I'm somnublogging. Wish I had something to say, but people who are asleep rarely say anything meaningful, even if they talk in their sleep.

Oh, yeah, here's something: the addition of Amber Tamblyn (who the hell is she?) to the cast of "House" is just annoying.

If you're interested, go read this interesting post at Conscious Entities, which reviews several different types of physicalism, dualism, and even monism. I, for one, am not an epiphenomenalist. It makes no sense to say that mind exists, that it arises from matter, and that it has no causal power. I'm pretty sure I'll need to revise what I wrote in Water from a Skull about this point, because I may have misused the term "epiphenomenalism."


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