Saturday, November 13, 2010

ça glisse... ça dérape?

While I wouldn't call myself a car nut, I was riveted as I watched this embedded video, which depicts seven minutes of drifting, over at Justin's blog. It's obviously not all done in a single take (lighting conditions being the obvious clue), but the editing makes the action flow super-smoothly. Give it a spin.


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Charles said...

That's insane.

You know how the big marts here have those shopping cart escalators (don't know if they have them in the States)? When you get to the end of one you have to push your cart through a 180 degree turn to line up with the next one (like switchbacks on a steep mountain trail). Most normal people push their cart past the divider, turn, and then line it up with the next escalator. Not me. I whip my cart around, keeping the nose as close to the end of the divider as possible and letting the back end swing around.

This is as close to drifting as I will ever get.