Thursday, December 09, 2010

100 Below: Volume 39

“Santa!” yelled Pickle the elf. “What happened to the reindeer?”

“Ho ho ho,” chuckled Santa. “I’ve replaced them with unicorns!”

“But— but— what happened to their horns?” gasped Pickle.

“I’m hitting some rough neighborhoods, so I’ve replaced the horns with lightsabers,” said Santa. “And as you can see, I’ve refitted the sleigh with battle armor. Oh, and miniguns.”

Pickle was aghast. “I don’t— what about the spirit of Christmas?”

“Yes, I keep him locked in a jar. Ho ho ho.”

Pickle sighed mournfully as Santa took off. The elf turned around to go inside… and stumbled over Dasher’s saber-severed head.



Charles said...

Great to see another one of these! It's been a while.

And unicorns with light sabers instead of horns? I didn't think anything would ever dethrone sharks with friggin' lasers on their heads, but this just might do the trick.

(The word verification code just called me a minger. Well, actually, it called me a "mingr," but that's pretty close. Even software is insulting me now.)

Kevin Kim said...

Yeah, I think the last one was in 2008.

Perhaps being called a "minger" is a compliment, if we consider it synonymous with "avid rug-muncher" or some such.


Charles said...

I immediately thought of the more standard British sense, but I suppose that would be one way to look at it. Might as well be positive, right?